duminică, 28 februarie 2010

marți, 16 februarie 2010

Life is great

Nu e moment mai bun sa-ti se aduca aminte ca "life is great",decat atunci cand iti fumezi ultima tigare,numarandu-ti bani sa-ti ajunga de un bilet de tramvai,o paine si niste oua, din care sa-ti faci omleta de dimineata.Daca pe langa asta ma pui faptul ca imparti patul cu un bff ,care nici el nu e intr-o stare psihica mai ok,incepi sa cauti confirmare la faptul ca "life is great".Asa ca te apuci sa te uiti la orice film/serial ti-e la indemana.Filmele/serialele sunt ca si cum you've hited jackpot, cand vine vorba de positive attitude si confirmarea ca "life is great".Pacat ca, in filme "life is great", e sinonim cu you get THE GIRL.

It does not matter if you're a geek,stuck in a dead end job.The guy, whom you hate the most,is going to send you an email and you're gonna get THE GIRL( bonus:THE GIRL is his girl.SWEET!)
You are a sweaty bald bastard with confidence issues.Don't worry,you might have some hidden beauty(like a beautiful singing voice),which will get you THE GIRL.
Sassy intern with strange sense of humor,no physical aptitudes and a tendency to drift away in your happy place,you are going to get THE GIRL ,by the end of season 8.
Sociopath, who likes death and mayhem all around you,but did not cross the first kill line,you are going to get THE GIRL that's waiting for you back home(extra bonus another tour in Afghanistan).
Killer,smart,bad at interacting with people and overall introverted,you are going to get THE GIRL that stole your virginity.That's till another murderer scum kills her.
That bitch of a girlfriend, you used to have,just dropped your ass ,taking everything you like with her.Definately you are gonna get THE GIRL.
Crippel on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere,you are going to get THE HUGE BLUE GIRL.
Middle aged fat,retarded american man,you already have THE GIRL and the family that goes with it.
Don't remember anything about yourself,have no belly button,huge intellectual capacity and having doubts about being human,your gonna get THE GIRL big time.
Nazi guard in a death camp,you are going to get lots of THE JEWISH GIRLS,just promise them that the next time you play sniper elite ,"old school"style,they won't be in shooting range.
The conclusion:

The only one,who doesn't seem to get THE GIRL,is that rich,hansom prick that has all his shit together,but "life is great" for him just because he didn't get the girl.He's is free and able to get any girl,boy or duck he wants.

Asa ca ,dupa multe zile de salivat la lumina violet a tv/monitorului, am ajuns la concluzia ca me too is going to get THE GIRL,who ever she is.Ain't life great?